Jason Antic - Colorization & DeOldify

December 1, 2019

DeOldify is an amazing open-source project which uses Deep Learning, GANs and a new approach called NoGAN to convert black and white photos and even movies into color.

The creator of DeOldify Jason Antic speaks to Peet about how he created DeOldify and his journey from being a software engineer to a world-famous deep learning researcher. He also describes his experience with plagiarism.

(This is actually episode 4, despite what nonsense I say in the intro!)

Follow Jason on Twitter here: @citnaj and here

Check out DeOldify here:

The intro and outro music used in this podcast is Magic Man by Skygge which was composed by an AI built by Benoît Carré and François Pachet of Spotify. Check out the awesome video by Jean-François Robert


Also big thanks to Lyndi Antic for being such a legend :) 

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