Dr. Melissa Avdeeff - AI in Music

October 21, 2019

Dr. Melissa Avdeeff speaks to Peet about her research into the use of AI in music, both as a compositional aid, a standalone composer and a performer.

Melissa is Assistant Professor in Media and Communications at Coventry University.

Twitter: @avdeeff


This podcast features the works of


@dadabots and


Excerpt listing

Track one: SKYGGE - Magic Man (Official Music Video) / composed with AI 

Track two: Dadabots - Memoryearion (Album: Coditany of Timeness) 

Track three: SKYGGE & Pete Seeger

Track four: AIVA - "Genesis" Symphonic Fantasy in A minor, Op. 21 

Track five: Daddy's Car: a song composed by Artificial Intelligence - in the style of the Beatles